Oak Meadows Subdivision

Pattison, Texas

Architectural Control Committee

The Architectural Control Committee also known as the (ACC), is a committee of the HOA Board, whose sole purpose is to approve or deny property improvements prior to building a new home, or the addition of outbuildings like a detached garage, shed, pergolas, or fences, etc.  See the Deed Restrictions for a complete list.  The ACC’s responsibilities also include managing the application and approval process, and educating homeowners on the guidelines and application process.

All owner’s are required to submit plans to the ACC prior to construction for approval.  This is to ensure owners/ builders follow the architectural guidelines that are set in the associations governing documents.  Owners have the right to appeal denials to the HOA Board of Directors.  The ACC will act as quickly as they can on requests for approvals.

The ACC consists of a Committee Chair, and at least 2 additional but no more than 4 members.  Members of the committee are volunteers who are approved by the Board of Directors.  Committee members cannot be a member of the HOA Board, a spouse of or living in the same household of.

Plans must be submitted to the Committee Chair along with the forms listed below, filled out and signed.  The Committee Chair is Rhonda McDonald and can be contacted at rhondamcd@earthlink.com.

Builders/ Building Contractors click here for more detailed information.

ACC Forms

Building Activity Guidelines:  Download PDF

New Home Construction Form Updated 8/2/22: Download PDF

New Build, Add-on or Change Request Form 1:  Download PDF