Oak Meadows Subdivision

Pattison, Texas

Pattison Oak Meadows HOA

About the HOA

The Pattison Oak Meadows HOA is a non-profit LLC corporation formed April 11, 2016.  This occurred when the original developer of the Oak Meadows Subdivision agreed to turn the HOA over to the owners.

All owners are considered to be members of the “Association”, with elected officers (also known as the Board of Directors) to manage the everyday affairs, collect required dues, and enforce the association rules, as per the “Association” Deed Restrictions, Texas Property Code 209, the laws of LLC corporations and the specific corporate By-Laws of the Association.  In addition, there are committees such as the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) that support the Board. 

What is the role of homeowner associations (HOA)?  Homeowner associations are  designed to manage common or shared property, protect owners’ property values, and develop a sense of community through social activities.

Protecting owners’ property values are done through the use of rules and regulations know as covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) typically include stipulations about the appearance of your home and the vehicles you can park outside it.

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approves or denies property improvements prior to building a home, or additions of outbuildings like a detached garage, shed, pergolas, or fences, etc.  Click here for more details about the ACC.

The Pattison Oak Meadows HOA Board of Directors is made up of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 3 additional Board Members.